Our Menu


Exra toppings 75p and Seafood 95p.

  • Margherita Suitable for vegetarians Happy hour

    Tomato, cheese and herbs


  • Quattro StagioniHappy hour

    Ham, peppers, mushrooms and onions


  • Hawaii Happy hour

    Ham, sweetcorn and pineapple


  • Boschetto Happy hour

    Bolognese and cheese


  • Calzone Happy hour

    Folded pizza with ham, mushrooms and onions


  • Vegetariana Suitable for vegetarians Happy hour

    Mushrooms, onions, peppers and sweetcorn.


  • Pepperoni Happy hour

    Pepperoni and herbs.


  • Deano Happy hour

    Bacon, red onions and chilli


  • BBQ

    Tomato base topped with chicken, oregano and barbaque sauce


  • GrecoSuitable for vegetarians

    Fresh tomato, feta cheese, olives, peppers and red onions


  • Kiev Happy Hour

    Chicken and garlic


  • Mafiosa Happy Hour

    Ham, mushrooms and peppers topped with an egg


  • Milano Happy Hour

    Pepperoni, dolcelatte and red onions


  • Meat Feast

    Bolognese base with chicken, ham and pepperoni


  • Mexicano

    Chicken, olive oil, basil, jalapenos, cajun spices, peppers and fresh tomatoes


  • Inferno

    Fresh salami and jalapeños


  • Calzone OrtalanaSuitable for vegetarians

    Mushrooms, onions, peppers and sweet corn with spinach and goats cheese


  • Neapolitana

    Roast tomatoes, anchovies, olives and fresh chillies


  • Pizza Salmone

    Salmon and Baby Prawns