Our Menu


Choice of Penne, Tagliatelle, Spaghetti or Tortellini Pasta (Tortellini 50p extra).

  • Napoli Suitable for vegetarians Happy hour

    Fresh basil and tomato sauce


  • Carbonara Happy hour

    Bacon, egg yolk, cream and parmesan cheese


  • Arrabbiata Suitable for vegetarians Happy hour

    Onions, garlic and fresh chillies


  • Amatriciana Happy hour

    Bacon, onions, red wine and tomato.


  • Bolognese Happy hour

    Traditional rich beef sauce


  • Puttanesca

    Anchovies, olives, capers, tomato, chilli and roast tomatoes


  • Romano Happy hour

    Chicken, mushrooms, onions and tomato


  • Pollo Happy hour

    Chicken, mushrooms and cream


  • Vegetariano Suitable for vegetarians Happy hour

    Mixed vegetables, white wine and tomato


  • Pasta Luigi

    Roast tomatoes, roast peppers, garlic, butter, bechamel and bacon


  • Cannelloni di Carne

    Pancakes, minced beef, spinach and cream.


  • Cannelloni Vegetariana Suitable for vegetarians

    Pancakes, mixed veg, tomato and béchamel sauce


  • Ravioli Al Forno

    Rich bolognaise sauce with pesto and peas baked in the oven


  • Ravioli Al Pesto Suitable for vegetarians

    Butter, pesto, permesan in a cream sauce


  • Lasagna al Forno Happy hour

    Baked sheets of pasta with bolognese and béchamel sauce


  • Pasta Salmone

    Salmon, caramelised onions, fresh chillies, roast tomatoes and garlic


  • Petros

    Leeks, peppers, mushrooms, chicken, garlic, white wine pesto and basil


  • Deanos

    Mussels, baby prawns, calamari and salmon in white wine and garlic with roast tomatoes